FibraIzol ® NG Non-Flammable Membrane

Non-flammable membranes are used in ventilated facade systems with any type of cladding, as well as in pitched roofs. The membranes are developed and manufactured by Givat, a Russia-based company. They are produced from raw materials of high technical qualities to reduce the possibility of tearing during installation works. The production is based on European chemical components only; they keep their properties and qualities, when exposed to negative environmental factors and UV radiation, and have proved their reliability over many years of their use worldwide.

FibraIzol® NG membranes are manufactured in accordance with STO 18603495.127-2014, which is confirmed by a quality certificate.

FibraIzol® NG membranes are produced at the company’s manufacturing complex. There, the management of all working and production processes fully complies with the requirements of ISO 9001 current management system, which is confirmed by the corresponding certificate.

For Ventilated Facades

Wind- & waterproof FibraIzol NG membranes are to be mounted above an insulating layer for:

  • Protecting human health by preventing fiber emissions
  • Preventing the insulation from being overwet
  • Reducing heat loss of the building & heating costs
  • Shifting the dew point from a rock wool layer to the membrane surface
For Pitched Roofs

Being waterproof and vapor-permeable, FibraIzol NG membranes are used in a roofing pie for:

  • Preventing moisture from being condensed under the roof
  • Protecting from moisture penetrated through fastening holes and loose joints of roof modules, ridge, and cornice elements due to accidental leaks
  • Providing wind insulation
Test Firing

In this video, we show the fire resistance of a FibraIzol®NG non-flammable membrane.

  • We expose the non-flammable membrane to a gas burner
  • The membrane resists to be ignited or burned out
  • Once exposed to the gas burner, the material structure is intact
Windproof Tests

In this video, we show the windproof properties of FibraIzol®NG non-flammable membranes.

  • Using a fan, we simulate the wind exposure
  • Behind the non-flammable membrane, we put burning candles
  • When the fan is on, the oscillation of the candle flame remains stable. This confirms the windproof properties of the membrane
Russia's only
nonflammable membrane
Confirmed by technical certificate**