Membrane for pitched roofing

  • Lathing for attic finishing
  • Vapor barrier film
  • Thermal insulation
  • Rafter Leg
  • Counter-lathing to provide ventilation
  • Non-flammable wind-waterproof membrane
  • Stepped lathing
  • Composite tiles / metal tiles

In pitched roofs, a non-combustible vapor-permeable membrane "FibraIzol ® НГ" is used to protect insulation and wooden structural elements (attic) from accidental leaks, under-roof condensation, wind and snow penetrating in places, mounting holes, loose installation and gaps between materials.

Instructions: installation of membrane "FibraIzol ® NG" on pitched roofs

  1. Cut open

    Membrane "FibraIzol ® NG" is rolled out of the roll and cut immediately on the rails. Installation is carried out with overlapping horizontal sheets, starting from the bottom of the roof.

  2. Laying

    Canvases are overlapped with each other along horizontal joints, with an overlap of at least 15 cm.

  3. Mounting

    Stretched membrane material is fixed on the rafters with antiseptic wooden counter-rails 4x5 cm on nails or self-tapping screws, preventing sagging.

  4. Cladding

    Crate or solid boardwalk is mounted on the counter-rails, depending on the type of roofing. At small inclination angles of the roof, it is recommended to install FibraIzol ® NG membrane on the board flooring to prevent sagging of material.

When arranging an attic space, it is necessary to ensure high-quality ventilation of the space around the membrane by organizing ventilation flows along the ridge, roof overhang, dormer windows, etc.
Russia's only
nonflammable membrane
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