Ventilation facade with a windproof membrane

Due to the easy installation, high functionality, speed of construction and good technical characteristics, ventilated facades occupy one of the leading positions among the materials that shape the appearance of modern buildings and structures. It's fire safety is the most important parameter in choosing the right solution. When designing a ventilation facade, the degree of flammability of each of the system elements, including the windproof membrane, is taken into account.

  • "FibraIsol ® NG"
  • Fixing element
  • Thermal insulation
  • Structural base
  • Bracket
  • Vertical guideline
  • Cladding

In hinged ventilated facade systems, regardless of the type of their facing, the non-combustible membrane "FibraIzol ® NG" is used as a wind-waterproof layer. The material is mounted on top of the insulation, keeping it from the negative effects of precipitation, moisture and wind. Our product is, in accordance with GOST and the tests carried out, a non-combustible membrane for the facade with the highest safety level NG.

Instructions: installation of "FibraIzol ® NG" in the systems of Ventilated Facade

  1. Mounting brackets

    First, the mounting brackets of hinged facade system are installed (in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations).

  2. Insulation installation

    Then, insulation plates are fixed by dowels. To fix one slab, 1-2 fasteners are required.

  3. Preparation of canvas

    "FibraIzol ® NG" is rolled from top to bottom with an interference fit over the surface of insulation, preventing formation of bubbles and folds. Holes are cut in material at the exit points of brackets.

  4. Mounting

    Finally, membrane is fixed to the wall with required number of dowels - at least 3-4 pieces per sq m. Distance from dowel to the edge of canvas must be at least 5 cm.

Material is laid with an overlap of the canvases of at least 5 cm. It is advisable to fix these areas with dowels. Also recommended to use dowels at the junctions to windows and doors. FibraIzol ® NG membrane should cover entire surface of the insulation, including ends; for this, a margin of at least 20 cm in width is required.

During installation and operation of structures, use of a non-combustible wind-waterproof membrane for the facade prolongs its service life, increases its thermal insulation characteristics and ensures safety of the system.

When arranging an attic space, it is necessary to ensure high-quality ventilation of the space around the membrane by organizing ventilation flows along the ridge, roof overhang, dormer windows, etc.
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