Non-flammable hydro-windproof membrane FibraIsol NG protects insulation in the systems of ventilated facades and pitched roofs from wind, snow, rain and other precipitation, preventing it from moisture and further destruction.


Eliminates moisture ingress and its harmful effect on the surface of the heat-insulating layer, ensuring its safety


does not allow water to penetrate under the influence of wind pressure and capillary suction under cladding at joints and fastening holes during installation and operation

insulates mineral wool and structures from condensate forming inside facade systems and pitched roofs

FibraIsol NG

A vapor-permeable membrane used in the installation of pitched roofs and ventilation facades as a waterproofing layer. Provides insulation protection against accidental leaks and condensation.


Weight, g/m2 215
Flammability group NG(KM-0)
Tensile strength at break, N/5, longitudinal/transverse 1590/1590
Elongation at break,%, not less, longitudinal / transverse 2,0/1,7
Vapor permeation resistance, m2·h·Pa/mg 0,09
Water resistance at a pressure of 0.001 MPa for 200 hours. Waterproof
Peel strength of layers, test by nail 6,2/6,8
Flexibility on a bar with a radius of 5 ± 0.2mm at a temperature of -60ºС Withstands
Durability when used without cladding/with cladding 10 years / 50 years
Air permeability resistance, m2·h·Pa/kg 1000
Dimensions: width m, area m2. 1,27/75

Negative consequences of not using windbreak membranes

Electro-depot Varshavskoe, Moscow

Due to untimely construction of cladding structures, the impact of water and wind leads to irreversible destruction of the structure of the thermal insulation of the ventilated facade and pitched roof.

Residential complex, Moscow

Resins, used as binders in production of mineral boards, are highly hydrophilic and lose their properties when moistened, which entails weathering of mineral wool.

Renovation of residential building on Biryulevskaya street, Moscow

Water entering through loose joints of the facing material causes serious damage to insulation.

Combination of hydro-windproof and non-combustible characteristics of the FibraIzol NG membrane allows to ensure reliable protection of the heat-insulating layer from water and wind, and significantly extend its service life as part of ventilation facades or pitched roofs, without use of additional materials and unnecessary costs.

Russia's only
nonflammable membrane
Confirmed by technical certificate**