Non-combustible wind- & waterproof membranes manufactured under FibraIzol® NG brand are a material developed with the direct involvement of the employees of the FSUE “Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center”. It ensures the safety of insulation and structures in pitched roof systems and hinged ventilated facades with any type of cladding. FibraIzol® NG withstands thermal exposure of up to 1200°C. It does not require the installation of steel fire protection diffusers and is intended for wind- & waterproofing of walls in conditions close to extreme ones. The main function of the membranes is to protect all types of insulation from the binder composition being destroyed, as well as from fiber emission, wetting with atmospheric precipitation during the installation and operation of the facility. The material ensures that the structure is airtight and guarantees reliable protection against lateral and longitudinal filtration arising from the movement of air flow under the external cladding of the facade.

Complying with fire safety requirements established by GOST 30244 for materials belonging to NG (non-combustible material) class
High degree of waterproofing. Increased tightness of the structure, protection against moisture and precipitation.
Very high degree of resistance to air permeability. To be installed on thermal insulation.
Preventing the release of water vapor, leading to condensate formed on the surface. Shifting the dew point behind the insulation.
Fiberglass base with high strength characteristics. Avoiding deformation during installation. Convenient to use.
long lasting
No time-related changes in properties. It can remain open for up to 120 months without being affected by ultraviolet radiation.

Technical specifications

Weight (g/m2) 215
Flammability group NG(KM-0)
Breaking strength, N/5, longitudinal/transverse 1590/1590
Elongation at break (%, NLT), longitudinal/transverse 2.0/1.7
Resistance to vapor permeation (m2·h·Pa/mg) 0.09
Water permeability at a pressure of 0.001 MPa for 200 hours. Not permeable
Peel strength, nail test 6.2/6.8
Flexibility on a bar with a radius of 5 ± 0.2 mm at a temperature of -60 ºС Pass
Durability when used without/with cladding 10 years / 50 years
Resistance to air permeation (m2·h·Pa/mg) 1000
Dimensions: width (m), area (m2). 1.27/75

Scope and methods of application


The membranes provide wind- & waterproofing of the insulation as part of the hinged facade system, increasing its thermal insulation characteristics. Thanks to non-flammable properties of FibraIzol NG, our product can be used in all types of buildings and structures. It is installed on the top of the mineral wool using disc-shaped dowels, fixed directly to the base of the walls.


In pitched roof structures, vapor-permeable membranes cover the insulation from the outside directed towards the cladding. The material prevents moisture and wind from entering its surface and does not trap vapor coming from below, thus prolonging the service life of the system. The material is mounted on the rafters with counter-rails without sagging.

Russia's only
nonflammable membrane
Confirmed by technical certificate**