Use of our product, with proper design and assembly, allows you to build fireproof structures on facades and roofs of buildings.


Provides wind protection and waterproofing insulation in ventilated facade and pitched roof systems


does not require the installation of fire strips used to prevent the spread of fire

eliminates the risks associated with accidental fire: spread of fire over the membrane surface with subsequent damage and destruction of structures

increases safety, reduces threat to human life

FibraIsol NG

Membrane used in the installation of pitched roofs and ventilation facades as wind-waterproof layer. As a result of tests carried out, it belongs to non-combustible materials of the class NG (KM0) and meets fire safety requirements established by GOST 30244.


Weight, g/m2 215
Flammability group NG(KM-0)
Tensile strength at break, N/5, longitudinal/transverse 1590/1590
Elongation at break,%, not less, longitudinal / transverse 2,0/1,7
Vapor permeation resistance, m2·h·Pa/mg 0,09
Water resistance at a pressure of 0.001 MPa for 200 hours. Waterproof
Peel strength of layers, test by nail 6,2/6,8
Flexibility on a bar with a radius of 5 ± 0.2mm at a temperature of -60ºС Withstands
Durability when used without cladding/with cladding 10 years / 50 years
Air permeability resistance, m2·h·Pa/kg 1000
Dimensions: width m, area m2. 1,27/75

Negative consequences of using flammable membranes

Fire in Grozny-City

Fire, caused by a violation of fire safety rules, spread along facade and covered all 42 floors of skyscraper. Total damage was 332.45 million rubles. Fortunately, building was not put into operation, victims and injuries were avoided.

Fire in Krasnoyarsk on Shakhterov street

Fire on the outer cladding of the facade caused multimillion-dollar damage and arose due to a violation of safety rules during welding by one of the building residents, as a result about 100 apartments were burned out. Fortunately, no one was injured.

Fire in Moscow on Ivan Babushkin street

Area of fire in an unoccupied residential building, which made it possible to avoid human casualties, was about 200 m2. Fire was caused by the use of low-quality facade materials and mistakes in their manufacture.

NG is an abbreviation for the non-flammable qualities of a windproof membrane. Main purpose of product is to protect insulation in the structure of hinged facade systems and pitched roofs from wind and moisture. Production of a real high-quality membrane is a complex technological process that includes impregnation of material with a special chemical composition and subsequent drying at the correct temperature and time period.

Production company "Givat" is a modern manufacturing company focusing on advanced technologies on the field of fire resistant materials and fire protection systems. Our main specialization is the manufacture and supply of FibraIsol® NG membrane with unique characteristics, which is actively used in the installation of ventilated facades and pitched roofs. Our product is certified, which makes possible to use it on all types of buildings and structures, transferring created systems to a fundamentally new level of safety and protection from the influence of external factors.

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