Weight (g/m2) 215
Flammability group NG(KM-0)
Breaking strength, N/5, longitudinal/transverse 1590/1590
Elongation at break (%, NLT), longitudinal/transverse 2.0/1.7
Resistance to vapor permeation (m2·h·Pa/mg) 0.09
Water permeability at a pressure of 0.001 MPa for 200 hours. Not permeable
Peel strength, nail test 6.2/6.8
Flexibility on a bar with a radius of 5 ± 0.2 mm at a temperature of -60 ºС Pass
Durability when used without/with cladding 10 years / 50 years
Resistance to air permeation (m2·h·Pa/mg) 1000
Dimensions: width (m), area (m2). 1.27/75
Russia's only
nonflammable membrane
Confirmed by technical certificate**