FibraIzol® NG non-combustible membranes are to be mounted directly on the surface of the insulation layer.

Installation steps:

  • First, install the mounting brackets of the hinged facade system (in accordance with the manufacturer’s guides);
  • Then, with the help of dowels, fix the insulation slabs. To fix one slab, 2—3 fasteners are required;
  • The FibraIzol® NG membrane is unrolled from top to bottom, tightly fit to the surface of the insulation layer, avoiding any bubbles or folds formed. Material can be positioned both vertically and horizontally. Cut the holes in places where the brackets protrude from the membrane;
  • Finally, fix the membrane to the wall at the overlaps with a 40—50 cm interval and one dowel in the middle of the field. The distance from the dowel to the middle of the field must be at least 5 cm. Membrane above the 10th floor are to be installed overlapped with an interval of 40 cm maximum;
  • Lay the membrane with an overlap of at least 5 cm. Fixing the overlaps with dowels is required. It is also recommended to use dowels, where the structure is adjacent to window openings and doors. The FibraIzol® NG membrane must cover the entire surface of the insulation, including their ends; for this, the margin in width must be at least 20 cm.
  • Membrane “FibraIzol ® NG” is installed regardless of which side is up or down. She shows her properties equally well from either side.


Russia's only
nonflammable membrane
Confirmed by technical certificate**